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Multiples Spindles Automatic Tapping And Drilling Machine

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1: the internal device of the motor is equipped with an independent cooling fan, which can dissipate heat automatically, avoid the power drop caused by high temperature, and can be operated successively, which is durable.

2: solid column is specially selected, after tempering treatment to eliminate stress, friction resistance, stainless steel.

3: in order to strengthen the tapping torque and decrease the rotating speed, a group of reduction gear sets are set up in the spindle, so as to invent perfect tooth lines and extend the life of the tap.

4: continuous high speed circulation, 42 times per minute.

5: specially equipped with two layers of safety torque protection device to avoid damage of the tap.

6: simple operation (foot), beginners can also smooth operation, the operator’s hands are away from the mechanical equipment operation.

7: gear replacement, no limitation of fine teeth, tap hole, tap will automatically return.

8: gear transmission, all unilateral gear touch no gap, one rotation one pitch, tooth marks perfect in line with the inspection standards.

9: cooperative pitch, long service life of thread tap, easy and convenient gear removal and replacement.

10: can cooperate with the vibration plate, to achieve automatic loading and unloading, double improvement of work efficiency.

11: the quality of tapping is stable, which is most suitable for the products with required tooth grain quality. It is suitable for standard parts and large amount of processed products.

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