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Gear type automatic tapping machine features

Technical parameters of gear tapping machine
Product model: 4508
Maximum tapping diameter steel parts: M8x10mm
Tapping diameter range Aluminum and copper parts: M12mm
Distance from spindle center line to column surface: 185mm
The maximum distance between the spindle end surface and the base table surface: 215mm
Lifting distance of worktable (maximum): 60mm
Workbench size (length X width): 230x225mm
Spindle speed (4 poles): 1600 900 500
Motor power (3-phase 4-pole): 0.55 kW
Dimensions (length X width X height): 800x600x350mm
Net weight: 120kg

Features of gear type automatic tapping machine:
1. The spindle and gear tube adopt traditional processing technology, quenched and tempered, so that the machine tool can maintain high processing accuracy for a long time.
2. The tapping quality is stable, which is most suitable for products that require high-quality teeth.
3. The base, column and headstock are all made of high-quality cast iron, and have been treated with aging and tempering to ensure sufficient strength and accuracy.
4. The motor wheel and spindle wheel are dynamically balanced to ensure stable operation at high speed.
5. With the tooth pitch, the wire tap is durable and has a long life; the gear is easy and convenient to replace.
6. Gear transmission, all single-sided tooth contact has no gap; one rotation and one pitch, the tooth pattern perfectly meets the tooth rule inspection.
7. In order to increase the torque and reduce the speed, a set of reduction gear sets are especially set inside the main shaft to create a perfect tooth pattern and extend the life of the wire tap.
8. The motor is equipped with an independent cooling fan, forced heat dissipation, can avoid high temperature and reduce the guided horsepower, continuous operation, strong and durable.
9. Gear replacement type, no fine tooth restriction; the wire tap will be automatically returned if it is out of the hole.
10. Special double safety torque protection device to prevent wire tapping from damage.
11. Multi-axis device can be installed to realize simultaneous processing of multiple holes.
12. Gear type control tooth pitch, no fine teeth restriction, no teeth eating, no breakage of wire taps.
13. Two clutches are specially set up, and the main shaft will automatically retract to protect the tapping when the tapping is wrong or over torque.

Gear type automatic tapping machine structure
The automatic tapping machine belongs to the field of thread forming machinery. Its composition includes a working platform, the left end of which is provided with a bottom plate, and an empty rack is fixed at the left end of the bottom plate,
A discharging chute is fixed at the left end of the empty rack; a vibrating feed tray is set at the right end of the working platform; the tapping seat is fixed on the empty rack,
The full-automatic tapping machine of Yueqing Jima Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a retaining eaves on one side, a guide rail on the other side, and a mandrel head slot in the middle. The tapping machine,
It is set on the side of the left end of the working platform; the pushing mechanism is set on the top of the vacant rack; the positioning mechanism is set on the pushing mechanism; the first limiting device is fixed on one side of the tapping seat,
The second limiting device is fixed on the other side of the tapping seat; the linear conveyor is arranged on the bottom plate, and a linear guide is arranged on the top of the linear conveyor, and one end of the linear guide extends to the tapping seat.
The other end is matched with a vibrating feeding tray. Advantages: reduce the work intensity of workers, improve the efficiency of tapping, and ensure the safety of workers.

Gear type automatic tapping machine features
1. The automatic tapping machine is an automatic production equipment, which is divided into automatic and semi-automatic.
2. Foot switch, selective operation, continuous, one-way, and cycle can be automatic. The operator can completely leave the machine with both hands to realize automatic work, and beginners can also operate smoothly.
3. Fast speed, high precision, tapped teeth can be detected by the tooth gauge. It can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation. The special motor can be durable and can be automated. One person can operate multiple equipment at the same time.
4. Tooth pitch A and B gears are matched with the A and B rotating shafts and the main shaft according to the pitch of the tooth. The vertical stability, accuracy and precision are extremely high. When the screw is tapped, it can move freely without any effort. It will not cause different threads of different thickness, and it can also tap perfect threads for thin plates, light metal, synthetic resin and other soft products. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a multi-axis machine for multi-axis simultaneous processing.
5. The high-precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, the automatic reversal device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, the spindle rotation and the up and down, forward and backward tool special double safety clutches, the spindle can automatically stop, and the reverse tool will not damage the tool.
6. This equipment can improve production efficiency, product quality, and save labor costs. It has become an indispensable, undesirable, and lacking equipment for all enterprises. Non-standard automatic tapping machine is produced, modified or customized according to user requirements and on the basis of standard products

Advantages of gear type automatic tapping machine
1. Easy to operate, no need to manually fix the processed objects.
2. Equipped with automatic reversal device.
3. The high-precision tapping stroke can be adjusted freely.
4. High precision, vertical stability, free operation, can produce very small and ultra-fine thread patterns that cannot be achieved by general tapping machines.
5. Self-made pushbutton switches and special motors have been rigorously tested and are durable.
6. Equipment movement beats 25-35 times per minute.
7. In case of abnormality, it will automatically alarm and stop, and start operation after troubleshooting.
8. There is an automatic feeding system.

Solutions to 5 common problems in tapping machines
①The solution to the broken tap
Correctly select the diameter of the threaded bottom hole for tap breakage; sharpen the inclination of the blade or use spiral flute taps; drill the bottom hole depth to meet the specified standard; appropriately reduce the cutting speed and select according to the standard; correct the tap and the bottom hole when tapping, Ensure that its coaxiality meets the requirements, and use floating tapping chucks; increase the rake angle of the tap and shorten the length of the cutting cone; ensure that the hardness of the workpiece meets the requirements, select the safety chuck; if the tap is worn out, it should be replaced in time.
②The solution to the tap collapse
Tap tooth collapse appropriately reduce the tap rake angle; appropriately increase the length of the cutting cone; reduce the hardness and replace the tap in time.
If the tap wears out too fast, appropriately reduce the cutting speed; reduce the rake angle of the tap and lengthen the length of the cutting cone; select a cutting fluid with good lubricity; perform appropriate heat treatment on the workpiece; sharpen the tap correctly.
③The solution to the tap wear too fast
If the thread pitch diameter is too large, choose a tap pitch diameter with a reasonable precision level; select a suitable cutting fluid and appropriately reduce the cutting speed; correct the coaxiality of the tap and the bottom hole of the thread when tapping, and use a floating chuck; appropriately reduce the rake angle and cutting Cone angle; remove the burrs produced by the sharpening tap, and appropriately increase the length of the cutting cone.
④Solution to excessive thread pitch diameter
If the pitch diameter of the thread is too small, select the pitch diameter of the appropriate precision grade; appropriately increase the tap rake angle and cutting cone angle; replace the excessively worn tap; select a cutting fluid with good lubricity.
⑤The thread pitch diameter is too small and the thread surface roughness value is too large, the solution
If the thread surface roughness value is too large, properly increase the tap rake angle and reduce the cutting taper angle; perform heat treatment to appropriately increase the hardness of the workpiece to ensure that the tap rake surface has a lower surface roughness value. Choose a cutting fluid with good lubricity; appropriately reduce Cutting speed; replace worn taps

Seven reasons why the tapping machine is unstable
1: The tapping tip of the gear tapping machine is worn or the spring is loose. Check whether the tapping tip of the gear tapping machine is worn or not causing uneven force, and then check whether the spring is too loose or replaced with a new spring.
2: The adjustment of the tapping belt of the tapping machine is not tight enough or the belt is damaged causing slipping. If the tapping triangle belt of the tapping machine is too loose, adjust the adjusting screw at the back of the machine to a proper state or change the belt.
3: The tapping belt of the tapping machine is too loose. Loosen the four small screws that fix the tapping machine, then press the tapping machine down, and then tighten the four screws.
4: The brake electric power of the clutch is bad, you can change the brake pads or replace the tapping machine.
5: The micro switch is broken, replace it with a new one. (How to replace the micro switch to be continued)
6: The cam stop switch position is wrong. If the start is too slow, the tapping machine will become unstable.
7: Material deformation or excessive residue in the chuck. Check the material more and clean the chuck more.

The main points of tapping machine:
1. The position of the workpiece clamp should be correct. Try to make the center line of the threaded hole in a horizontal or vertical position, so that it is easy to judge whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.
2. The hole of the threaded bottom hole on the workpiece should be chamfered, and both ends of the through hole thread are chamfered.
3. At the beginning of tapping, try to position the tap as much as possible, then apply pressure to the tap and turn the twister. When cutting 1-2 turns, carefully check and correct the position of the tap. Generally, when cutting 3-4 turns of thread, the tap position should be correct. In the future, only need to rotate the twister, and no pressure should be applied to the tap, otherwise the thread profile will be damaged.
4. When tapping, every 1/2-1 turn of the twister should be turned, it should be reversed about 1/2 turn, so that the chips can be easily discharged after breaking, and it can reduce the phenomenon that the cutting edge is stuck due to sticky chips.
5. When tapping the screw holes of plastic materials, add lubricating coolant. For steel materials, rapeseed oil or molybdenum disulfide, etc. are generally used in organic or concentrated emulsions. For stainless steel, 30# engine oil or sulfurized oil can be used.
6. When tapping a screw hole that is not possible, always withdraw the tap to remove the chips in the hole.
7. When changing to the next tap during the tapping process, first screw it into the tapped and thread by hand, and then use the twister to turn it when it can no longer screw in. When the end taper is finished tapping and withdrawing, it is also necessary to avoid turning the wringer quickly. It is best to unscrew it by hand to ensure that the quality of the tapped thread is not affected.
8. When tapping, the tap and the screw hole must be coaxial.

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