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SS-CN23 Nc Drilling Machine

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Single Servo Drilling, Double Servo Drilling Tapping

The main technical parameters


Machine model SS-CN18 single servo SS-CN18 dual servo
Spindle diameter (mm) 70 70
Spindle stroke (mm) 120 120
Spindle taper Mt2 Mt2
Spindle motor power KW 1.5 1.5 (servo)
Spindle speed r/min 500/810/1200/1800 Continuously variable speed (100-2500)
Spindle feed motor power (servo) KW 1 1
Head movement up and down (mm) 200-600 200~600
Maximum drilling capacity (mm) twenty three Hole 23 teeth 18
Control System dedicated dedicated
Feeding method automatic automatic
Column diameter (mm) 85 85

SS-CN18 Nc Drilling Machine



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